Grab A Cuppa (NM) - First Date Do's and Don'ts

A "Grab A Cuppa" post voted by you lovely lot!

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A "Grab A Cuppa" post voted by you lovely lot!

As you may or may not already know from my latest "Black, No Sugar" post I've got myself a boyfriend so I had to get over that first awkward date situation. Below you will find my Do's and Don'ts of a first date.

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DO make eye contact - being shy at first is okay but after an hour or so into your date if you are still being nervous and avoiding eye contact you should make an effort to push yourself to make eye contact. This is a good sign and will help your date to feel a little bit more confident about how the date is going.
DON'T just talk about yourself - while it is important to make conversation and talk about not only your date but you, remember that you want to get to know them as much as they are trying to get to know you. Ask them questions about themselves.
DO smile - a lot like eye contact, this will also let your date know that you are feeling good about the date and are having a good time.
DON'T spend 90% of your time on your phone - This is pretty simple. It's rude.
DO chat about the date to friends - if you are feeling conflicted whether on not your date went well or there is something that isn't sitting quite right then talk about it with friends or even an older sister, this will help you to gauge whether you are over thinking or not.
DON'T get ahead of yourself - remember this is the first date. Brilliant if it is going well and you both have a similar feeling of where it is going but be realistic and plan another date and continue to take it from there.
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DO order something you want to eat - never when going out for food order a meal in favour of your date thinking any different of you. For starters, if you feel like that it is 100% not going to go well, he isn't right for you.
DON'T talk about your ex - while talking about past relationships can tend to be important it really isn't first date material.
DO express your opinion - never feel scared to express your own opinion whether that is agreeing or disagreeing with your date. It is important that your date is aware you will not always see eye to eye on all matters and that you can discuss and be mature about subjects you are both passionate about.
DON'T feel like you should do everything that your date suggests - even if they have planned the date if they are suggesting going somewhere that you 100% are not comfortable with or doing something you don't want to do. There is being polite and just going along with everything that your date is suggesting.

I hope this has helped you all out for your first date. All of these do's and don't's are 100% my opinion, you do not have to agree with these or follow this list.

Niamh xx

What are your do's and dont's on a first date?

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