No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Perrie Edwards

An Actual Queen!

Perrie Edwards is just absolutely flawless! Everything she wears just looks so effortless yet completely put together. I am going to be taking 3 outfits from Perrie's Instagram and give my honest opinion on all three, some I love yet some I dislike. I am by no means going out of my way to be nasty or spread hate about anyone that is featured in this series. 

Image found on Perrie's Instagram.
Outfit 1:
This was the debut of Perrie's short hair, it was amazing! I feel like this outfit describes Perrie's style down to a T, its edgy, casual and also a hint of glam all in one outfit and I just find it suits Perrie so much! The boots and the lace up detail on the jumper are my favourite parts of this outfit.

Image found on Perrie's Instagram
Outfit 2:
Although I would never ever been seen wearing anything like this I can't make my mind up whether I hate it or love it! I feel like if we removed the hat I would probably love it. However, the trousers are doing nothing for me. I feel like if the pieces were worn separately with different items they could all look gorgeous but pieced together I feel like they all look a little mix-matched.

Image found on Perrie's Instagram.
Outfit 3:
Another sweater type thing. Yes, I love sweaters but I really don't understand the whole cutting the neckline trend? But having said that Perrie just completely pulls it off and looks just as amazing as always!

What are your opinions on Perrie's style and outfit choices?

Speak soon,
Niamh xx

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