Black, No Sugar (NM) - Everything Is Falling Into Place

Another update! My life is pretty amazing right now!

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If you haven't read my previous "Black, No Sugar" post then this will more than likely make no sense to you at all as this is just a little follow up.

I GOT BACK IN THE ART COLLEGE! Unfortunately, I couldn't start uni this year but I have been allowed to go back to the art college and finish my final year of Textiles which I'm really happy about! Just need to sit this year out, get the best grades I can and then I'll be at uni in no time.

I have also landed myself a little summer job! Although I have all good intentions of putting most of my wage into my blog and getting a domain I have a feeling I will probably not end up doing that... I may or may not already have a list of everything I'm desperate to buy or do. One of which is a tattoo as well as treat myself to some new trainers and makeup bits I'm desperate for.

Just a quick little post that is completely off schedule but I just couldn't wait to share all my good news!! 

Speak soon,
Niamh xx
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