Grab A Cuppa (NM) - Is He Worth It?

The last "Grab A Cuppa" post I posted went down so well (check it out here) that here I am again doing another chatty post. I hope you enjoy it.

We've all had them relationships where your always thinking is he worth it?
Is he worth losing friends
Is he worth all the tears
Is he worth the extra effort
Is he worth the fighting with family
Is he worth it?

If you haven't then I tell you you're lucky!

There's a difference between people not liking who you're with and you not being happy. Whoever your boyfriend is there is always going to be at least one person who thinks that you shouldn't be with them. Whether that be his ex-girlfriend, your parents or his friends. There's always going to be someone.

I'm not saying that if you and your friends have an argument because your boyfriend is someone they don't like you have to go and dump him. I'm saying that if you are losing friends because of how he is treating them then yes you should get rid of him. I'm not going to go down the whole chick's before dick's because of thats not always right. Your boyfriend could be there for you when your friends haven't been.

Don't go out and finish your boyfriend because you have had a stupid little argument and you've cried over it. I'm saying you need to get rid of him if he makes you cry over and over again and not just over a petty little argument that at the time feels like the worse thing ever.

Sometimes you can feel like your putting all the effort in and he has the whole 'can't be arsed' attitude but just because you feel like that doesn't mean that is what's happening. If it is plain sight that he isn't trying with your relationship and you're constantly fighting for his attention or you feel like you have to dress up and wear loads of makeup just to get his attention then you need to get rid of him. No-one needs a boy who is like that, some girls feel bad about how they look as it is and having a boyfriend who treats you like that is just going to make it worse.

Just like with your friends if you argue with you family because at first, they don't like him then no don't dump him. Although, if you can feel yourself always choosing him over your family just to make him happy then you are going to loose your family and that's not good.

I am in no means telling you all to go out and finish your boyfriends but this is just my opinion and I just wanted to give some advice out there for all the girls laid in bed on a night and thinking about if is he worth it.

Speak soon,
Niamh xx
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