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I've been pretty quiet for a few weeks, I've been so busy with just life... If that makes sense? But now, I'm back in a routine and I love it! Up every weekday at 6 and then a weekend at 9, weekdays are for uni work, Saturdays for blogging and adult things, Sundays for being lazy and not getting out of my PJ's like a sort of self-care day. So far it's going really well and seems to be helping me with my anxiety and crazy mood swing.

This mornings post is going to be a little review on Queer Eye. Over the summer I binged the whole of it and last week at uni we were introduced to reviewing so I thought I would have a little practice with reviewing Queer Eye. In the workshop, I reviewed an exhibition that is on at the Northern Glass Centre and I'm waiting for feedback on that before I publish it. This, however, is a completely different process of reviewing art so I'm not sure how well this is going to turn out but all be it I hope you enjoy reading it.

Queer Eye is a makeover show, yet it is nothing like any other makeover show out there. Each episode follows one person that is being made over by the fab five. The person that is being made over usually has a big event at the end of the time that has been spent with them; coming out, a date, a speech or wanting to improve an existing relationship.

The fab five: Bobby Berk, Tan Frace, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, and Antoni Porowoski are five the most understanding, patient, funny and caring guys. That each has a speciality that they tailor to each individual to help them improve their daily routines or special occasions. Bobby focuses on design, re-decorating a room in an individuals house to make it a space that is well suited to their personality and is practical for their busy lives and home life. Tan is a fashion guru, he helps the individual to find their feet in the world of clothing and fashion while also making sure that they feel comfortable in what they're wearing. Karamo helps with culture, he will help with the craziest and difficult relationship problems or even just give amazing advice on keeping up with the world and what is going on in and around the individual's life. Jonathan is the absolute king of grooming, he makes sure the individual is taking care of their hair and skin while sometimes tidying up out of control beards or taming messy hair. Antoni is fab five's very own master chef, showing each individual how to cook a simple yet effective meal paired with a complimenting wine.

Each episode causes laughter, happy tears, joy and empathy. Watching Queer Eye is a rollercoaster of emotions but overall it is entertainment and heartwarming. This show sheds light on different political, social and personal issues that each individual faces while also keeping it lighthearted. There will be something that each person is going through that is relatable and the fab five responds in a way that makes it easy to take something away from each episode whether that be adding a skin care routine to each day, organising the kitchen cupboards,  adding a little self-care into each day or even amazing recipes. There is something to make each day better!

Queer Eye is available to watch on Netflix, which a new season in the making. The release date is scheduled for some time in 2019 so not long to wait now!

Much Love, 
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