Afternoon Tea (NM) - Top 4 Ways to Survive Lectures That You Hate

If you don't at least have a mild disliking towards one of your modules then let me tell you how lucky you are and not to burst your bubble but it's probably more than likely about to happen next semester or even your final semester.

Prepare - The lecture happens either way and attendance is probably vital for you to pass with a decent grade. Preparing yourself for this is probably key to getting through something you find dull and boring or even something that you find to be extremely heavy and overwhelming.
If the lecture is dull and boring then caffeine could help yet if you find the lecture to be heavy and overwhelming then I would avoid high caffeine drinks such as coffee and energy drinks. 

Sit at the front - This is probably something most people turn their nose up at. Yet it really will make a difference, it will help keep attention span up and make it easier for you not to lose interest in the lecture by being distracted by the people in front of you. 

Taking notes - This is something that will help you if you are either bored or finding it overwhelming. Writing notes will help keep your mind occupied and focused on what the lecturer is actually saying. If you're finding the lecture too much and feel as if all your knowledge is being questioned try writing questions down as you go. These questions can either be to ask the lecturer at the end or go away and research yourself.

Look at materials beforehand - This is particularly useful if the lecture is overwhelming and a lot of content. Not all lectures are available before the lecture but usually, there is a week by week guide of what each lecture is going to be on in the module guide so use it to the best of your ability and do a little bit of reading or even just a quick internet search around the topic. This will give you a little knowledge and help the lecture to feel a little less overwhelming.

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