Afternoon Tea (NM) - My Newest Reads, A Book Haul

Over the past week or so I have been obsessed with The Works, I find myself just 'popping in to have a look' and end up leaving with another book! I thought I would Share with you the books I've recently bought.

Picture Me: A Journal To Get Life Sorted
Lots of people find information easier to understand and more fun in pictures and infographics, from emoticons in a text message to lesson timetables and fundraising charts.
This book shows children how to set themselves goals, get organised and keep track. Whether it is a virtual bookshelf of books to read or a year wheel to remember important birthdays, they can find out how to make the most of pictures and images.
Children can compile healthy snack ideas, make note of inspirational people, build up a grid picture of moods over a whole year, and much more.
The beautiful infographic illustrations make this a fun and visual journal that makes tracking life fun and helps keep children focused. 
Although Amazon describes this book aimed at children I feel like it is honestly suitable for anyone. I spend my Sunday's carrying out little acts of self-care and thought this would fit perfectly into my routine! The simple design and simple list and goals pages make it easy to have everything all in one place with the cutest illustrations and page design.

Joy Every Day
How do you feel right now?  Joy Every Day will be your daily mood tracker. With 1,000 super cute stickers, this delightful, interactive book will lift you mood in an instant! Week-to-view guides track moments of happiness in daily life. Tips and advice help you to spot trends and notice what makes you feel good.  Monthly reviews encourage you to see the joy all around you.
I feel like Barnes and Nobel have described this book perfectly and is another book I had in mind for my little Sunday self-care routine!

Be Happy: Just Add Water
A soft touch of water is all you need to make dozens of beautiful and inspiring works of art.
Just add water to your paintbrush and watch as the vibrant colors merge and mingle on the pages of this magical painting book. Each of the 30 vibrant designs in Be Happy: Just Add Water contains pigments embedded onto the page, and a gentle touch of water will cause the colors to emerge. Images include nature scenes, animals, flowers, and mosaics, accompanied by positive affirmations to remind you of all the joy that is to be found in the world.
This again is another book that I bought with a Sunday in mind. I've been painting every Sunday and it is so so relaxing. The pigments already in the paper make the process less messy and a lot more convenient. Another thing I feel like this book does is to take away the stress from picking the perfect colours because the colours are already picked for you.

How To Be Confident
Confidence is within your reach.
Confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and needs to be developed over time. If you struggle to feel calm and poised under pressure, or wish you had the self-assurance to shout
about all your star qualities, then look no further: this book is here to help.
Bursting with tips, assertive statements and activities, How to Be Confident will enable you to work through whatever is holding you back so you can embrace your inner confidence.
I bought this book on a whim because I don't see myself as the most confident person and struggle quite a bit when faced with a social situation or any situation that I'm not particularly familiar with and this coming week I'm starting to interview people for different assignments and have a little theory that if I seem confident then the person I am interviewing will have confidence in me to write a good story and conduct a good interview.

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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