Afternoon Tea (NM) - Current Favourites

Good morning!! I love reading about other people's favourites so I thought I would do a little post dedicated to everything I'm loving at the moment! This post is probably going to be a little short but I wanted to do a few list style posts this week! I hope you're not too disappointed!

My diary - I'm completely obsessed with my diary! I carry it everywhere with me and I feel so much more organised and a lot less stressed since I started using it weekly!

Almond milk - A strange one but I've been having this in my coffee instead of regular milk and it tastes soooo much better! I think my skin is thanking me for it too!

Pastel highlighters - If you didn't know, I'm a complete stationary nerd and my pastel highlighters are my new favourite thing! They look so pretty and make my uni notes and dairy so much more colourful without harsh bright colours

The Good Place - I've binged watched all of it and now I'm up to date, I can't get enough!

Hootsuite - This has saved my life! Hootsuite has helped me stay active on twitter and promote blog posts even when I'm super busy with uni work!

8D audio - Everyone seems to be going on about 8D audio and for a while, I ignored the trend but wow! It's amazing! I find myself listening to that over Spotify more and more

What are your current favourites! I'm aware these are pretty random and I haven't included any skincare but I have a skincare post going live soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!!

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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