Strawberry Black Tea (OV) - 3 people I want to meet

Probably the one I want to work with the most. The show 'Black Mirror' is my favourite series that has ever been released.  I have watched it and watched it again.  Owning his own column on 'The Guardian' news paper and all the BBC features @CharltonBrooker on twitter has.  Hopefully soon I have my own show and my own column on a new paper.  Time will tell.  

Phillip Defranco 
I have, for may years had such a love for Philip Defranco and the Philip Defranco show.   Now being on the career path I am, I can learn so much from him, learn his techniques and get some for of information.  I loved his 'the hot ones' features and the H3 podcast feature.  Everything about Philip I find inspiring.

Joe Rogan
Being a commentator, podcaster and mix martial artist, and being successful at each must take so much mental strength to be able to do all of that.  I have so much love for the podcasts he creates, and the interdisciplinary guests that are on.  I love the debates and deep talks, and everything in between.

When making this list I really feel like I have made it very career wise.  These right now, are three of the people who really inspire me to be in the career I want to be in.  Making podcast, television shows, and being a journalist.  If I have a career in journalism (I hopefully will) I think I would have a lot to thank these people for.  

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Owen Valente. 

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