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With it being national book month, I feel like this is a perfect time to write about a few books that are on my read list.  I have never really been too keen on reading, but when I have I loved them.  Now in the last few months' have got round to reading a lot more, and I love it.

Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks

Most known to me for being Woody in 'Toy Story', which is one of if not my favourite film ever.  As well as recently referring to him for his work in 'The Green Mile'.  I found this book for only £3.50 in Tesco.  What a bargain! I couldn't not buy it, especially when it's Tom Hanks.  I have read the first 15 or so pages, so when I read it all I will definitely have to do a review.

Calm by Fearne Cotton

I never saw about this book for a while and I havent even looked into reading it, but the reviews and the expectations I have for this are that it is amazing.  Centred around staying calm and being happy.   I think I could learn so much from the book.  As well, Fearne suffering with her own mental heath problems, it is coming from the right perspective from someone that can help other.

The last one I cant even give a name, Just every book written by Charlie Brooker.

As I have mentioned so many times before, he is now my new idol.  I love all of his work and have so much respect for him.  Just getting into reading, in the last couple of months.  I think being such a fan of him and his work reading his books he has published is definitely a good place to start.

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