Flat White (OV) - New car and retail therapy

Recently I cannot begin to fathom the gratitude of work I have.  This definitely isn't gonna be a post of 'feel sorry for me', definitely not; but I have been so busy with everything going on in my life.  That resulted in me having to put my blog last, which is awful because this is one of the biggest passions I have.

On the bright side of being busy 7 days a week, I got my car, I put an @r7no sticker on that Luke bought me.  I also got my wind deflectors on (thanks Luke if you ever read this).  I bought some calliper paint, red, of course, don't all race cars have red callipers? But for anyone who's not interested in cars, sorry.
I have so much planned, I have decals arriving hopefully today from when you're reading this. Sadly, cars are expensive!

I have done quite a lot of retail therapy, I've added to my collection of sweatshirts, because you can never have enough. That's a fact.  After shopping around between about 10+ shops, no where had jeans my size or colour I wanted.  After all of the searching for plain black skinny jeans, I got some.  I split my old ones, in the worst place you can split jeans and got my halloween costume.  Who knew black stretch skinny jeans in 32/30 were so popular?

Uni has been as good as uni can get, I've finished 2/3 essays due in, in mid November though, so I'm so glad they're out of the way.

The radio show I produce, is doing something for charity, which I'm trying to link into the bar I work for.  A charity box in which people can give money for children who's family can't afford Christmas related gifts such as advent calendars.  Personally, I don't think about the spectrum of the income of others and children affected not being able to have something as little an advent calendar.  Hopefully this is my small little deed, I can help with to bring even a small amount of joy into someones life.

I think that's a good place to leave this one.

Thank you for reading, 
Owen Valente

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