Flat White (OV) - Missing 5 days of Blogtober and passing my driving test

October seems to have been the busiest month of my life. From trying to upload every day, running and producing a radio show, juggling uni and working all weekend.

I had no time for blogging and finishing the final half of blogtober or blogging everyday, when I had to be at uni from 9am till late in the afternoon everyday.  Then once I missed a day I could never find a day to catch back up; until now, but being 6 days behind; is it really worth it? Maybe try again next year.

But, in the middle of the nonstop week, I passed my driving test, bought a car, and I get to pick it up tomorrow.  I can't wait.  I now don't have to wait in the cold or rain for an always late bus.  Only now, paying constantly for petrol, polluting the dying earth and be on constant watch for people walking out infant of me.  Is it really worth it? probably not.  Singing my heart out to Adele on my way to uni does sound good though.

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Owen Valente

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