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The ever changing fashion industry is one of those things with me which is very hit and miss.  Somethings such as the £650 Balenciaga shoes that I want to buy, is far too expensive.  Fashion can give someone a status, such as a rapper or a famous influence that can create a huge gravitation towards a brand making them put prices up due to demand.  Very Marxist.  

There are brands that I really adore and love, but the never ending fashion shows, show there are some designs I dislike; but when Kanye West wore those a few sizes too small sliders to a wedding, it really changed my opinion of him and making me like him even more.  For a weird reason.  He can do whatever he wants and still be adored, he just doesn't care about the public or the press' opinion.  Unlike the song power and the famous quite, 'no one man should have all that power', Kanye does.  He wore something different and unseen, then, suddenly my timeline on every social media platform was filled with it.  I read multiple Vogue (read it here) articles on them, it changed how I think of fashion because, really, it isn't as serious as people make it out to be.  

I anticipated this post because I knew it would end up, me, showing my love for Kanye, but things such as hype beast clothing, I'm not sure about how I feel.  The clothing is different and very artistic, but in some case, the designs are poor and the brand has centred the release of the clothing around money and profit. 

I have quite a new love for fashion that has only been there for a few years, I love the expression and the individuality.  As A$AP Rocky said 
"'F*** clothes, I cop pieces"
Showing fashion today, is centred around expressionism and art. 

Thank you for reading, 
Owen Valente

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