Caramel Macchiato (OV) - Travelling bucket list

I have always been told, 'you need to travel' or 'you need to go around the world'.  I'm not sure if it is being bombarded with these statements or whether if I brought it upon myself to have a need or a desire to travel around the world.  Experience different cultures, and see how other people live.  

I want to travel everywhere especially Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, just everywhere.  These are someone of the top places I want to travel:

Italy -Having ancestors that migrated from Italy to England 2 generations ago, I feel it would be a big miss, to go back and see where or how they lived.  Experience the food, the cities and the overall culture.  

Ride on a boat through Venice or walk through the country side, I just explore the country. 

Scotland 500 - With my driving test being booked I am a step closer to being able to do the Scotland 500.  Which is a 500 mile drive from Iverness, up to the north of Scotland then back down to Applecross.  Driving round the coast, the 516 mile drive will take days, so stopping off and having a week exploration somewhere pretty near home.  

New York - The big apple holds so many things I want to see, the 9/11 memorial, New York fashion week, the little independent coffee shops, just everything.  From watching Austin Augies vlogs on youtube.  New York seems to have such a presence and a vibe.  It always seems: busy, alive and productive.  Full of positivity and love everywhere.  One day, even for 6 months, I'd love to live in a New York loft and experience living there.  

London - I've been to London before, 110 months ago (I had to use my calculator to work that out).  I was too young to comprehend anything such as the artistic spectrum that London holds.  From the architectural side, to the London fashion week, to graffiti and everything inbetween.  Similar vibe to New York it always looks so productive and busy.  I don't skate anymore but being a part of the community and wanting to be a videographer for things such as skating, wearing the clothes and supporting it still.  I'd have to visit South Bank, see where icons and inspirations such as Blondey McCoy went and goes regularly.   

Those two pictures are from my trip to DisneyLand in Paris in 2016.  I had overcome so much to go and  I loved it so much, it was one of, if not the best week of my life (so far).  The food, heat, and the magic of Disney.  I loved every minute of it.  Now I'm back home, and two years later, I have such a need to go back.

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Owen Valente. 

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