Caramel Macchiato (OV) - Life expectations before university ends

I started university in September of 2017, life has changed so much in such short amount of time.

Being on a 4 year course, then going on to doing my masters means I have quite a long time left going to one of my favourite (and equally least favourite) places.  There is so much inspiration there.  I have a strong desire for a first grade, it will be a lot of work.  Taking a lot of time and effort, but what you get out of those sleepless nights and coffee fuelled essays will be worth it.  Of course I want to have other things, savings, memories, travelling experience, and a nice car of course.  But currently in my quite adolescent life, I want to create art in different mediums for the enjoyment for not only other people; but myself included.

No doubt, it would be an amazing dream and success, to go from a journalism student to follow in a role model like Charlie Brooker's footsteps and be able to get a segment on a newspaper.  As well as that, with the module guide, telling me I need to produce my own magazine in my final year; I would love to follow on creating, and make my own magazine.  Release one every 6 months.  But do people read magazines anymore? Would anyone buy it? Who knows.

I'd love to make a short film, documenting my travels (hopefully I have some) and create my own 'Black Mirror' style short films.  Again, just wanting to be Charlie Brooker.  Unlike the visual concept of entertainment, the radio show that I currently produce, take a great strive and having a massive following looking forward to what happens in the segment I am in charge of.

I have a pattern in the things that I do, I just want to make something, something entertaining for people to appreciate and revel in.

Thank you for reading,
Owen Valente. 

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