Afternoon Tea (NM) - Rambles, A Blur and Alchohol

I feel like quite a bit has happened in my life since getting back to uni so I'm finishing this week with a little life update. If this isn't your type of post I have my Spotify round-up going live on Sunday at 6pm

I feel like September and October were a blur, especially October. I have no idea where this month had gone! I feel like this post is going to include a lot of rambling and probably not make much sense to many people but I will try my best to edit it and sort of categoriSe it to make it an easier read...

The biggest change that happened in September was the big move back to uni, I had missed living with people my age and getting to spend every day with people who were going through the same struggles as I was so being back was exciting and felt amazing... for the first week or so. This year I feel like I'm missing home a lot more than I was last year. Maybe I had forgotten what it felt like to live away from home after being home for so long through the summer. I don't know. Writing this I'm currently on the train back to Sunderland after spending a weekend at home with my family. Having said that, when I'm home I miss my big uni family so its a case of always missing someone. I'm hoping to get used to being away from home as well as being away from everyone at uni too, just like I did last year.

I would love to say that uni is amazing and I love every single thing about it but that is far, far from the truth. I love learning, yes. I love the idea of being a journalist, yes. But I can't help but feel like this just isn't what I want. I have made the swap from Fashion Journalism to just straight Journalism as I wasn't enjoying my fashion module at all. Since making the swap I'm enjoying uni a lot more and I'm actually excited about my modules yet again I still feel like something just isn't sitting right.

If you haven't noticed I have recently joined forces with Owen to make Grab a Cuppa a space that is suited to more people as well as to take some of the pressure off both me and Owen when we were blogging separately. I feel like I'm enjoying blogging so so much more again now I have someone to share this passion with.

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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