Afternoon Tea (NM) - My First Vox Pop

This week for an Essential Journalism lecture a task was given to carry out a Vox Pop. 
Have a selfie from the morning of this lecture when I was feeling lazy and basically looked a mess
Truth be told the question was too general and people found it difficult to answer, I don't think me stuttering and stumbling over my words helped either. I was terrified and found it difficult just going up to people and asking if I could ask them a question. I'm hoping this gets easier because in the end I actually enjoyed it. Another thing that I think didn't help my confidence in this was that I had been at the library until 2am the night before and I was far too tired to get up early and make myself look "presentable" so I had no makeup on, messy, messy hair (it was even messy for me!) and a lazy outfit. I think if I had out time into my appearance that morning I would of felt a lot more confident and happy with going out and talking to complete strangers. 

The question the question I came up with was: “What are your thoughts on Meghan Markle being pregnant?”  This question was relevant and pretty recent news when I had my lecture.

Carole from Sunderland said: “Good luck, it’s good news for them but not so much of good news for everybody who is having to pay for them.”

Sarah, 19, from Greece said: “I have only read that she is pregnant, that is it, I don’t know her personally. I think its ok for her to be pregnant at thirty-seven if the precautions from the doctors and everything is fine then go ahead.”

Hannah, 18, from Darlington said: “I don’t really have an opinion on it because it’s just someone who wants to start a family.”

James, 19, from Worcestershire said: “It’s good, it’s good news. It might make everyone feel a bit happier in the country, it is something for everyone to look forward to as well through the winter and spring if that’s what people are into. It is feel good stuff.”

Elizabeth, 27, from England said: “It’s nice but it isn’t any of my business, it’s nice but I feel like it is a little bit over the top. It is her baby and not mine.”

Leonie, 20, from Hartlepool said: “I don’t know, I think it is a little too soon.

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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