Strong, One Sugar (NM) - PLT+ Wish List

The market for plus size clothing seems to be expanding and is actually becoming fashionable! Can you believe it?! Us big girls can finally get something that is fashionable and fits us right!

I wasn't really aware that PLT had a plus size/curve range up until a month or so ago when I was desperate to get something fashionable that fit me nicely for a party. Now, however, I can't get enough! It is my go to when I need anything to wear, I don't think I will ever be stepping foot into a town centre and having a meltdown in the changing rooms again.


Just a short little post of all my current favourites in the PLT+ range! I hope you enjoy it and if anyone knows of anywhere else that has a good range of plus size/curve clothing Id love to hear your suggestions down below. 

My loans in... I'm desperate to just say screw it and blow too much money on new clothes that I don't need... 

One last thing, I'm not sure what the layout is going to be like on anything other than a computer or laptop so apologies in advance if the layout is a little messy!

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