Irish (OV) - Mac Miller: The death of an Idol

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The unfortunate passing of Mac on September the 7th 2018, came far too early; being only 26. From being my idol, to getting me into rap and the style of clothing he wore.  I was working, then finishing to checking my phone to text messages and the news flooding my social media.  I got chills.

From day one (A song about nothing); if you know, you know, I fell in love with the musical creativity from Mac.  His music ranged from calm and chill songs just like day one (a song about nothing) that is still to this day my favourite song by him.  To move lively songs such as '100 Grandkids' and 'Donald Trump'.  Either way, the mood he portrays in his songs is always perfectly presented.  You can understand how he felt when writing.   In his song 'the star room', he has "IM NoT REAL' wrote behind him.  That and the song he released with Earl sweatshirt (another of my favourite rappers) named 'Im not real' influenced the many years of it being my Instagram bio.  I was a lot younger.

Maybe because of the releasing his newest album the same day as Astroworld, I really think that his new album was overlooked a lot.  I have a lot to thank Miller for.  I don't think I would quite be myself without ever stumbling across him in a 4am youtube binge: the black and grey tattoos, the colourful and style, snapback and hats and the enlightenment he shown me towards the rap community.  Introducing me to supreme and t shirts with baggy flannel shirts.

I will listen to Larry Fisherman (his Soundcloud and old instagram username; his pseudoynm) for the rest of my life, I'll forever love his music.  There were a few things I didn't agree with such as the drug use and alcohol abuse; but I can't have anything but respect for him and the music and art he made.

Thank you for reading,
Owen Valente

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