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Body image!

Being completely honest with you there was once a time that these two words had the power to fill me with dread, had the power to make me insecure and worst of all have the power to make me hate myself. Body image is a recurring problem in young people and is something that adults put down to celebrities and Instagram stars sharing their own body on Instagram. For an assignment last year I researched and wrote about the impact that celebrities sharing their bodies on Instagram really has, the results were the complete opposite of what I imagined.
I'm not going to waffle on too much about the research and what I found but in a nutshell young adults do not compare themselves to celebrities as they know that it is not realistic but rather compare themselves to people they know as they feel as though this is realistic so now on with the insecurity, struggles and the good times. I'm waiting to make this post as real and lighthearted as possible

Body Image

Why do these two words hold so much over young people and some adults? We are taught that if you don't fit 'the norm' or 'perfect' you should be ashamed and strive for 'the norm' and to be 'perfect'. Therefore these two words can make anyone insecure or even feel fear.

Everyone is always going to look different and 'the norm' of body standards is constantly changing just like your body. You hit puberty and you get boobs or get hairy, you start being active and you begin to get a little toned and then you go to uni and eat too much cheese and drink too much alcohol and begin to get a bit of chub on ya.

My advice is to not shy away from body image chat and embrace it. As a society, we shy away from this topic to protect ourselves and not to insult or offend anyone. I'm not going to be talking about my advice too much in this section as it will begin to touch onto body positivity which is my next section.

Body Positivity

This is the point that I could get really preachy and be telling you to be happy with the body you have and embrace everything about it which let's be honest a load of bullshit. If you're feeling insecure the last thing you want is someone telling you to be positive and love yourself when ultimately you are finding it hard to accept who you are and what you feel like.

My advice would be to buy or wear something that you feel gorgeous and amazing in weather that be sexy underwear, skinny jeans, your favourite shirt or even just a pair of shoes.

If changing something is going to make you feel better then plan out your meals or take a walk.

Last of all my biggest advice to you is to strive to be as happy as you can be and not strive to fit in with 'the norm' or 'perfect'

I'm hoping this post isn't too preachy and makes sense to everyone! This is a topic I have wanted to write about for a while but I have shy'ed away from it.

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