Flat white (OV) - Missing Disney Land and Social Media, August 2018

August 2018

Starting off on quite a high, going to the gym everyday, eating better and feeling better. Oh, I passed my theory test too; which I was so happy about after failing 4 times previously (by 1 mark). Finishing my university work, that got referred, and writing a lot more blog posts. Started off so well.  I've been looking at cars to buy, since I've recently booked my driving test.  I'm so close to not having to get a bus again.  Not have to stand in the cold and the rain.

I was offered a brand ambassador job for a clothing line named 'Halifornia'  I got my own discount code (use OWENV45320 for 20% off!) which I was so happy about; one step closer to being an influencer now.  Another brand named Port 6 also wanted to work with me.  I also tried a lot harder to post better posts on social media especially my instagram, with me now on 1070 followers, I wanted to have more engagement meaning hopefully more blog reads, right? I'm quite proud of how my feed is currently looking.  Theres a link to my socials at the bottom, please feel free to follow me! 

Now halfway through the month  I haven't really done much too productive .  From going to the gym, work, food shopping and surviving a week home alone while my family went to DisneyLand.  To be honest I very much regret not going now; I got to live the lonely life of being bored with the company of a passive aggressive, tired all the time, labradoodle.  Seeing the sun and 30 degree heat on FaceTime to my family each day while looking out of my window to rain and black clouded skies.  In this week I also found out that I really like Disaronno and I'm really good at roulette. Hopefully not gonna exacerbate the fact my savings account isn't doing as well as I'd have hoped by now.

As the end of the month very quickly approaches I've been thinking about when I get back to uni a lot.  Only 20 something days until the beginning of my second year of my degree, I wanted to start a minor course.  With my desire of owning a company or business I decided to try and minor in marketing.  Major journalism and minor marketing.  Snowballing from a degree to then beginning to download apps and research for myself.  Selling and buying shares is always something I wanted to do but never expected it to be so easy! I made £6.32 in my first two trades.  I feel so grown up.

To end, I worked all through the bank holiday, despite being a job I love; I was so worn out.  But now, I have a little more money to go towards being able to have my own car.

Thanks for reading,
Owen Valente.

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