Flat White (OV) - Aspirations for 2019 in 219 words

2019, finishing my second year at university, desiring to pass with a first grade.  I want to travel to new countries, try new foods and find my new loves and passions.  I want to have a good wake up and sleep cycle, rather than a broken body clock, I need to get into a routine. Hopefully before 2019 but definitely transcending into the new year and all the way through. I’d love for my blog to get 1000 or more views each post, at least.  Have a massive dedicated and helpful following, reading each post and appreciating my writing.  Hopefully passing my test soon, so I can drive in early 2019, going to new cities, do Scotland 500 and be able to get tattooed by an abundance of artists all over the country.  I’d like to get back into my photography and start videography, doing my own little, Austin Augie inspired short films.  Episodes of my life.  Starting my own clothing line too, which has been a dream for so long but desirably starting taking off and starting next year.  I have so much planned and so many aspirations I feel like I can have such a: positive, productive and amazing year.  I can’t wait for all the amazing things I have planned to hopefully come true and happen.

Thank you for reading, 
Owen Valente 

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