Afternoon Tea (NM) - Self-Care Days

Some days its nice to just take time for yourself and not have to focus on anything else other than you. In this post I'm going to be sharing my favourite ways I like to spend self-care days while also adding a little self-care to busy days.

A Full Day of Self-care:

If I know that I have a full day free and it is near impossible for this to change then I will schedule in a self-care day, these usually happen on a weekend. The main things I do are:
- Turn off my alarm and have a nice sleep in
- Not worry about what time I've woken up even if that is dinner time
- Get out of bed and make the bed, maybe tidy off my desk and bedside table if its extra messy
- Throw on a cosy hoodie or dressing gown and make myself a cup of tea (or coffee) 
- Set the bath off with lots of bubbles of course and enjoy my cuppa in the bath, usually scrolling through Instagram or reading a book
- Once I've had a nice soak in the bath I'll but some comfy clothes on but not PJs, this usually consists of a really old a worn concert t-shirt that I can't seem to part with and a pair of joggers (fluffy socks if its cold) 
- Food is on the card next, I'll spend my time making my favourite food with my sing-along playlist on far too loud
- Once I've eaten, I'll make another cuppa and drag all my fluffy blankets to the couch or bed depending on if I'm at home or at uni. Some days I'll read my favourite book again or I'll have a Disney marathon with all my favourite Disney films. 
- Once I get tired again and I've eaten too many snacks and drank too much tea I'll make my way to bed, put my alarm back out and usually fall straight asleep since my day was so relaxing. 

this list can change from having a cosy day in, to going out with friends, to sitting in a Starbucks. Just anything that I know I enjoy and will help me to feel refreshed and a little better about myself. 

Little Bits of Self-care:

- Make the bed every morning 
- Always get dressed out even if it is just into comfy clothes
- Have a catch up with a friend or family member 
- Arrange a mate date or a date with your boyfriend
- Wash your hair, shave your legs and put fresh tan on
- Read your favourite book even if it is for the 100th time
- Re-watch your favourite film
- Get up in time to see a sunrise 
- Watch the sunset
- Walk along the beach 
- Sit in a coffee shop reading a book or listening to music or even people watch 

Self-care is anything you make it, as long as its something that is going to make you feel accomplished, a little better about yourself or even just relaxed after a tough week. 

Making time for yourself can be pretty hard but it is so so important for your mental health. Even if its just an afternoon a month where you do something solely for you and not for any other reason other than you enjoy doing it. When I first started uni I went from being along a lot of the time since I was an only child and didn't have many friends at home to constantly being around people and I struggled with this a lot, I struggled from probably the full year. After seeing a few youtube videos pop up in my suggested once I was home for self-care tips that when I realised where I went wrong. I wasn't having any time to just me doing something I loved or something that would stop me from feeling so overwhelmed with life. Since seeing these videos and coming home from uni I have tried to have at least one full day to just me a month and do just one little bit of self-care a day and I'm feeling a lot better. I'm going to be carrying on this tradition at uni and hope that it helps me to not be so overwhelmed, down and even anxious about everything that is happening around me. 

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