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Starting this posts on a negative note, and an opinion I have noticed to be occurring a lot with this album, is that it was very disappointing. Especially coming from Kanye who hasn't had an album release 2 years.  Unlike 'The life of Pablo', which has to be one of my favourite albums ever released in my opinion, Kanye’s eights album ’Ye' is unsatisfactory.  Listening to the album more and more has made me realise it is a decent album, not as many faults as I once thought. 

Starting off the album, Kanye for 4 and a half minutes, essentially talks about murder and suicide.  Ending it by rapping which had an adagio affect.  The song 'I thought about killing you' is probably my favourite off the whole album, being one of the few songs I have listened to continuously since the release of the album.  It makes you think, it makes you think about Kanye as a person and comparisons to your own life.  This is the Kanye I know and love, making you: think about what the message is, what he portrays and the meaning of the the song as a whole. 

Secondly, 'Yikes' just felt like a blur to me.  The song seemed repetitive and boring, kinda moulding together.  There was nothing that stood out to me, other than aggression, which despite that had benefits linking with the theme of the album (bipolar) and the change peacefulness or aggression.      

From the third to fifth songs I didn't have much of a love towards, not the worst songs ever made, but its like Monday morning vibes, or a lecture in an uncomfortable chair, you just cant enjoy it.  But as if it was songs; a little boring but got to get through.
Finally, ending on a collab with Ty Dolla Sign and Nikki Minaj, with a nice feature of Nikki talking as the song fades out.  The ending including a beep from a recording finishing.  I love this touch and it perfectly wraps the album.  The contents of the song 'Violent Crimes' is actually another favourite due to the flow and the way it is presented.  It is slow paced and holds the best lyrics on the album.  

The album art is different and personally, I think it is a good design; bringing more attention to mental health and the fact that celebrities go through the same struggles as anyone else.  A big thing I noticed was the way that the album went from aggressive and different rapping styles, to singing and calming background music.  Perfectly portraying bipolar which is linked with this album a lot.  

The name and the middle tracks let it down a little.  If I had to rate this album out of 10, I'd have to give it a 7 out of 10.  There is certainly room for improvement (not that I could do any better) but has good art work and the odd good song.  

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