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Trying to get a recurring series of my favourite things, so part 2 to the albums is the songs.  I listen to music all day everyday so being restricted to 5 songs is hard.  So many didn't make the list such as 'How much a dollar cost' by Kendrick Lamar or '4r Da Squaw' by Isaiah Rashad that I listen to almost everyday.  These songs are chill and relaxing, so unlike a lot of the songs I listen to are the ones I feel like listen to when unwinding and trying to chill.

Anyway in no particular order my 5 top favourite songs for chill days and blog post writing. Starting with Jorga smith's 'On my mind', I was drawn to this song for many reasons.  The London scene and the 1990's vibe off it, additionally the beat/DJ playing makes the whole song.  Videography isn't the best quality with stable cameras but It adds to the grime vibe; it lets you feel a sense of nostalgia and a vintage feel throughout the whole 3 minutes.

Second would be either 'FML' or 'Wolves' off the album 'The life of Pablo' by Kanye West.  I love both these songs as well as the overall album but in regards of my favourite I had to put these together; since they're from the same album.  That works, right? No doubt Kanye makes a lot of great music but the feeling of goosebumps I got when first listening to 'The life of Pablo' especially with
the select two.

Next on my list would be 'Star shopping' by Lil Peep.  3 years ago I got introduced to Lil peep by friends, I slowly listened more and more a while but at first I only listened to 'Beamer Boy' and 'Switchblades'.  Consequently I believe this will have made the song even better.  Being hidden away from something for so long then finding it in a 3 hour YouTube binge feels like finding gold.  I probably have listened to this song in the thousands of times and still never getting bored of peep.

A song not really famous or well known.  I got a direct message one day off an account which turned out to be therapist of this song.  He was promoting his new song and I said ill give it a listen; I instantly fell in love with it.  The artists name is Lexx Nova, and his song is called 'Underwater'. Everything about this is unique, the video, lyrics and the way he intros and outro the song.  It was deep and with meaning but a song you can put on while tidying your room.  Lexx Nova took the song down off SoundCloud and YouTube for a few months and in that time I felt so lost, not being able to listen to my favourite song.  I tell everyone to listen to it, it's honestly the most underrated song I know.

Finally, is a song by Chance The Rapper.  In year 11, sitting at school, skating or even sat at home I started listening to a lot more rap or hip hop music.  I stumbled across an album called 'Acid Rap' after it being in my recommended for weeks and just never letting YouTube play it.   Eventually, it started playing and I got sucked in to it, but the song that stood out the most was 'Acid Rain'.  4-5 years later it's still on.  Coincidentally, it auto played and came on while writing this.  Everything about it I love.  The beat and tempo, Chance's voice and especially the lyrics.

There are so many more songs I listen to and a lot of songs that didn't make it which I could have put on.  I could make a playlist post in the future about al or most of the music I listen to. Maybe one day.  I hope you enjoyed and you like these.

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