Grab A Cuppa (NM) - Toxic Friendships

Knowing the difference between an amazing friendship and a toxic friendship can be difficult. Personally, I have struggled along with toxic friendships for a long long time and not even realised they were toxic until I removed myself from the situation. In this post, I am going to talk about the telltale signs of a toxic friendship and how to work through the struggles that toxic friendships bring with them!

The Signs:

You feel like you are walking on eggshells 

You're constantly worried that you are going to upset your friend or that you are going to do something wrong. For me personally, this has become the biggest indicator that a friendship is turning toxic or it is already a toxic friendship. It almost feels as if that person is going to turn around and walk out of your life at the slightest inconvenience. 

You feel like you are in competition with their other friends

Your friend seems to have a lot of other friends and makes that well known, its almost as if they want you to feel like you need to fight for their friendship and attention.

They try to humiliate you

On the off chance that you hang out with a big group of people, which mostly consist of what they call 'their friends', they try to humiliate you or make you look stupid. Worst of all you feel out of place and like you shouldn't be there. 

They gossip

They gossip and talk about you behind your back. This will be either something that you have told them in confidence or even something that has never happened. 

I feel like these are the biggest indicators from personal experiences to a toxic friendship yet there are so so many more signs. I believe that it is a gut instinct, if you feel as though you are in a toxic friendship then you probably are. 

The Struggles:

A toxic friendship can completely diminish your self-confidence and leave you feeling as though you are alone. They can also ruin your trust that you have in good people, which is one of the hardest things that toxic friendships bring along. 

All friendships are going to have good and bad times but this does not mean as soon as a little bump in the road comes along it is a toxic relationship. Use your own judgement and gut instincts to know whether on not your friendships are toxic or not. 

It feels so so good to have written a 'Grab A Cuppa' style post, its been forever! I'm finally starting to feel like my blog is back where it was at the beginning with the personal touch I intended it to have with writing just for me and not for an audience.

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