Irish (OV) - Lil Peep, My Thoughts

The unfortunate death of Lil Peep happened far too soon.  It affected me knowing that there will be no new music but as well as knowing how bad mental health can affect someone to the point of turning to substance abuse to cope with the pain.   I have a lot of respect for him with starting off with a mic, a MacBook and some software.  He always done his own thing despite the controversy, during school not having many friends and dropping out of college to follow his career in music.

I love all Peep songs and the somewhat biased opinion of him I have due to the love I have for him artistically is definitely gonna change the perception of this post.  Lyrically he puts a massive feel on the music he made.  Star Shopping is without a doubt one of the most well known songs of his; one of my favourites too. Theres a reason for that: his voice mixed with the lyrics and beat definitely makes it a fan favourite.  I feel people are naturally attracted to him due to being a kind hearted person as you can see in his instagram and his interviews.  Being covered in random art pieces and inevitably relating to his lyrics.

Negativity surrounded him especially after his death, mainly by people in facebook comments calling him a drug addict and other drug related comments.  But no one looked at him as a 21 year old rapper battling demons.

He always done what he wanted, not even negatively but in a way with music.  I never heard anything like it before him and was unique.  He achieved so much in just a few years of uploading music to SoundCloud.  I have and will constantly listen to Gus.  Having his albums play on repeat and never get sick of him.  Condolences to the loss of a great musician.

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Owen Valente.

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