Iced Latte (OV) - My Five Best Albums Ever Realsed

With the creativity and the choice of what I can write about being endless I have an overwhelming choice and desire to write an appealing blog post; especially to start it off.  I thought my top 5 albums and why I like them would be something simple and fun to write about.

Obviously starting off with my number 1 album, which depending on my mood goes in no particular order.  The first will be 'The Life Of Pablo' by Kanye West.  My love for this album comes with the nostalgia and overall good vibes from walking around Disney Land in Paris in mid summer.  Going back to the hotel and listening to some of the best lyrics I'd ever heard.  The best week of my life surrounded with new music and with the start of my foreseen addiction to my new favourite artist; I had never actually listened to Kanye properly.  Other than the songs when I was young that got famous such as 'Gold Digger'.  Lyrically the album does have its flaws, yet in parts it clearly excels.  Overall, I can't fault Kanye's genius here, using his mothers favourite songs as songs to rap over and alter to include. My favourite song on this album is without a doubt 'Wolves'.  The way it starts with the deep bass and the singing intro; when Kanye raps, the singing continues.  Personally when I listen to this, it gives me goosebumps.  It fits into every mood you have, each part of the song is different and I can't flaunt the way he uses a voice to fill every space available for an instrument.

Secondly, another rap album I listened to first in  February 2015 when it released but being 15/16, I didn't listen to the lyrics of Drake and appreciate the album.  So fast forward again to the summer of 2016, I read a quote of 'Change Location' (still being one of my favourites to this day) and an all nighter fuelled boredom allowed me to listen to all of 'What A Time To Be Alive' and 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late'.  Personally I preferred 'If You're Reading This' but both albums fit into my Paris nostalgia.   At a concert seeing Marshmallo, a support act played 'Know Yourself', a song featured on 'If You're Reading This' which added even more love to that album.  Undoubtably my favourite song here is '6PM In New York', with lines such 'I wish I could go back in life, not to change sh*t, just to feel a couple things twice'. Surely this hits home for everyone, everyone will have that place or that feeling they want to feel again, something they can feel twice.

My third is one that isn't rap but takes a turn into more indie, its Catfish And the Bottlemen's 'The Balcony'.  Skating to it, listening to it when I came home and learning the songs on guitar.  My love for Catfish is surely never gonna die and the dedication and love will be shown through the pain and suffering of getting the alligator off the album cover 'The Ride' stabbed into my arm.  Pretty hypocritical as my favourite is a different album but anyway, I got recommended them through school and after listening to 'Coccoon' on youtube I was instantly obsessed.  The 4-5 year obsession is still going strong and listening to them everyday.  The main song in particular is one I can play and thats 'Homesick'.  I request for it to be played in work, I play it on guitar every time I get time and its one of the first I heard.  Now with the rise of popularity, which I have a love/hate relationship with because through the years I've been the one to tell people about them, but now I feel slightly selfish with the ideology of them being my band.

Enter Shikari, Common Dreads is my fourth choice and as they were my first band I saw live I thought they needed to have a place on the list. Shikari also were the first CD I owned and was 'A flash flood of colour' the day it came out.  I came straight home from school to watch the behind the scenes DVD.  A committed fan.  But as I grow older this album never bores me.  Theres something about it, you can listen to it on repeat and still put it on the next day.  It's sad how none of their new albums have the same vibe but its a pleasure to know that this was created.  The change from drum and bass to mellow singing is something well fitting to a perfect album for me.  For it being recorded in a shed I have nothing negative to say about this.  I will never forget listening to 'Juggernauts' for the first time sat in the back on my mams car listening to BBC radio 1.

Finally, my final choice is Bon Iver and an album named 'For Emma, forever ago'. It was hard to choose due to other albums such as 'When It's Dark Out' by G Eazy and 'Born to Die' by Lana Del Rey.  When it's mid winter and sat at home with the cold Bon Ever definitely sets a chill relaxed mood.  Being my album to keep me calm when over coming my fears of flying, sitting on long bus journeys and overall just an amazing album full of raw emotion.  It's the kind of album you can get lost in but is so chill, calm and relaxing you forget its even on.

I would totally recommend every album but it also does depend on your mood and when you're listening.

Thank you for reading,
Owen Valente.

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