Black, No Sugar (NM)- This Weeks Favourites

Gooood morning all!! This is the first post I'm writing on my shiny new iMac and let me tell you I'm actually obsessed (but my bank account is crying for me)!! I thought I would surprise you all with a little bonus update this week as I feel like I have my shit together with uni and blog posts so here we go!!

If you follow me on Twitter then you will be aware that I have been doing a little series on my account when I will share my top three posts of that day. Since this week has been crazy busy with uni and one thing and another I have sort of lacked on this so I thought I would write a short little blog post all sharing some of the blogs that I have been loving lately. 

Top of the list as always is Amy from, not only is Amy one of my closest friends but her blog and writing is seriously amazing, I'm not bias I promise!! She is currently raising money in memory of her dad for The UK Sepsis Trust, all the details of this are over on her blog. PLEASE please please go and have a read and a share! Also her photography game is pretty damn good so her Instagram is gorgeous!

Next up is Tamara from, I'm a new reader to Tamara's blog and I'm enjoying it sooo much! Her writing style is chatty and so easy to read that I find myself scrolling though her blog for hours and hours.

Another blogger that I've been loving lately is Lynne from Her blog follows the life of her and her family. Her not so little family go on many many adventures and everyone has the pleasure of sharing these memories with her.

Aycan's blog,, is a stunning blog. She writes about a bit of everything, her most recent post has definitely helped me a lot since this week has been such a crazy and difficult week.

Last but not least is Hannah from I have only recently discovered Hannahs blog and I find myself back daily to see if Hannah has updated, I find it to be such an easy read and something that I love doing with my morning coffee before I go to uni.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this post! In the comments below link your blog post as I am loving reading others at the moment! I cant wait to read then all!!

Much love,
Niamh xx

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