Afternoon Tea - January Goals

Good morning my loves! I hope you all had a very fun and messy New Years Eve, Im guess I did and I am probably supporting the worst hangover ever! If you read yesterdays post then you will know I am going to be breaking down my year long goals into mini goals and targets for each month.

I have broken down my year long goals into smaller, not so daunting mini goals for January, as well as breaking them down even further into small weekly and daily targets.

Monthly goals:

  1. Hit 5,000 followers on Twitter
  2. Hit 900 followers on Instagram
  3. Have 6,200 views
  4. Loose 4lb
  5. Upload at least 9 times
  6. Be active on Twitter and Instagram

Weekly Targets:

  1. Follow 70 people on Twitter
  2. Follow 7 people of Instagram
  3. Have 1,400 views
  4. Do 70,000 steps
  5. Upload 2 posts
  6. Unfollow inactive following on Twitter
  7. Post on Instagram 5 times

Daily Targets:

  1. Follow 10 people on Twitter
  2. Follow 1 person on Instagram
  3. Have 200 views
  4. Do 10,000 steps
  5. Post on twitter
A little short post for the first of the year! I hope you enjoy this post and can't wait for the update at the end of this month, I know I can't! 

What are our New Years goals or January goals?? Leave them below, I'm ready for a good only chit chat in the comments below! 

Much love,
Niamh xx

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