Afternoon Tea - Sunderland ft Rombouts Coffee

Good morning my loves! Sorry that its late, I've been trying to nurse myself back to health. I am currently writing this laid in bed after 12 hours sleep wit a tub of ice cream.
The campus I am based at at Uni, is probably the prettiest campus. It based at the river so I took a little stroll along and took a few picture when I had finished my lectures one day last week. Of course It was freezing because I just always end up getting back into my camera when it's coming up to winter! What would a little wintery stroll be without some coffee. I was kindly sent a big box of coffee from Rombouts to have a try out and see what I thought of it. These past few weeks I have been making myself the One Cup Filters Coffee instead of buying it at uni, not only have a saved over £20 but I have found my new favourite coffee. It is so smooth and sweet without any added sugar. It tastes just like the coffee that comes from those fancy machines without the need for an over expensive coffee machine. Their website is filled with different blends and flavours, I can't wait to buy more and try out their Tea's. I want to say a big big thank you to Rombouts for sending me their coffee! Below are a few pictures that I took while my peaceful stroll with a cup of coffee keeping me warm. 

As you can tell I am loving the old look added to my pictures, if you are from Sunderland and have anymore places that you would recommend for little mini adventures please let me know! 

Much love,
Niamh xx

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