No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Dua Lipa

Good Morningggg! Sunday's are my favourite day of the week which is crazy but everything is just so peaceful and calming until about 8o'clock when the realisation that Monday is not many hours away sets in. 
I feel like my Kardashian/Jenner series lasted for years! Slight exaggeration but it lasted a long, long time. I have decided to now move onto individual people rather than groups of people, this will mix it up a little bit even if I am starting to focus more on "No Tea, No Shade" posts. I'm hopefully going to start adding some different types of fashion posts. Next up is gong to be "Autumn Must Haves" or I might focus on a certain brand/shop. 

Disclaimer: I am by no means going out of my way to be nasty or spread hate about Dua Lipa, this series is something that I enjoy and do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings. All these images belong to Dua Lipa.

Outfit One:
At a first glance this outfit looks casual and pretty boring. However, if you really look at the outfit then it is far from boring and casual. The lace body suit paired with the cut off t-shirt works well together and gives it a sexy, casual feel. To add to the glamorous yet causal feel of this outfit the trousers that look very informal and slouchy with heels work well. I feel like because this outfit is all black you don't see each individual piece unless you properly look at the outfit which for me is a down fall. Imagine if the lace body suit and heals were red paired with a bright red matte lip, it would add a splash of colour as well as some interest to this outfit.

Outfit Two:
I love love love this outfit even though I have a feeling that it is pyjamas and heals. The black contrasting with the delicate white floral pattern gives this outfit an edgy feel but the soft makeup and heals bring it back down to a girly look. This type of outfit that has an edgy yet delicate feel to it has always been my favourite and Dua Lipa can pull this off well. I wish I could pull off PJ's and heals! Imagine how easy night outs would be!

Outfit Three:
This is a pretty bold, statement outfit that I would usually turn my nose up at. Pattern on pattern! However, I am surprised that I like this outfit in a strange way, the stripes seem to fit well with the floral trench coat and the hint of shimmer in the bra/crop top adds yet another element. This outfit is something that I am socked to see Dua Lipa wearing, I had her down as an edgy girly style yet this outfit doesn't tick one of those statements at all. It's blood, out there and in my opinion a crazy outfit choice that she manages to pull off perfectly.  

Much love,
Niamh xx

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