Grab A Cuppa - How Not Procrastinate

Hi, gorgeous! I'm back again with another post. I  love uploading as and when I please, like it is making me want to upload more than what I would upload! This post is all about my tips and tricks on how to avoid procrastination and which has been voted my lovely twitter followers (follow me here).

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My top tip is to prioritise, I find this to be the most helpful. You can write as many to do lists as you please but if there is no structure to them they are useless.
With school starting back up you are going to have hand in dates and plenty of deadlines. Start by writing down all the tasks that need completely and the date in which they need completing by. Then go from there. Prioritise the tasks that have a closer hand in date.

Another tip which sort of goes hand in hand with the previous one is to plan. I find that using a planning technique takes a lot of self-discipline. Yet, this is the same as many things that go together with procrastination.

My final tip and the most important is to reward yourself. When you have finished a task or piece of work watch a youtube video or have a chocolate bar.

I hope these tips were helpful and are in time for you going back to school, college or university after a long summer.

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