Afternoon Tea (NM) - 10 Things That Make Me HAPPY

Hi, you lovely lot! I can't believe there is now over 4,200 of you all, it's crazy! Today I thought I would write a pretty easy read that has been in my drafts a while. I'm in the mood to write so I thought I would get some posts written and I will be uploading at least 2 this week. One of which will be an update post all about how I ended up getting into uni, keep your eyes peeled for that!! So let's kick off this "10 things that make me happy" post, enjoy!

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1. Family
2. Live music
3. Rain sounds (I'm basic af)
4. Candles
5. Concerts (sort of the same as live music)
6. Fairy lights
7. My readers and followers (how sappy!)
8. Photography (pretty much aesthetically pleasing photography)
9. Books (I'm a huge nerd at heart)
10. Reaching mini milestones

What are some of the things that make you the happiest?
Do you have any blog posts you would like to see? Don't hesitate to tweet me or comment them below.

p.s I have changed up my photography and I am now using Canva and I'm loving it!

Another big big thank you for how active you are, my blog seems to be growing so fast lately! Thank you!!

Stay in touch!
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