No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Jesy Nelson

My biggest fashion icon! 

Images taken from Jesy's Instagram

I feel like I relate to Jesy a lot more than the other Little Mix girls as her style is a lot more like mine and I am completely obsessed with her! I am going to be taking 3 very different outfits that have been posted to her Instagram and give you my honest opinion on them. I am by no means going out of my way to be nasty or spread hate about anyone I have in this series!

Image taken from Jesys Instagram.
Outfit 1:
My first thoughts when I saw this post was BOOBIES! But can we just all take a moment to appreciate how good Jesy looks in red! Although I am completely obsessed with these fire pattern jeans I just can not get away with the whole shoes attached... I honestly don't understand it. 

Image taken from Jesys Instagram.
Outfit 2:
This is something I would live in for the rest of my life if I could. I am in love with this style if just seems so effortless yet put together. I love how it is a complete monochrome outfit and it all just flows so well. 

Image taken from JesysInstagram.
Outfit 3:
I am 100% aware that this is a stage outfit but I just hate the wide fishnet's with a body suit and thigh-high boots, I feel like the wide fishnets just do nothing for no one's figure, I just feel like the whole outfit makes Jesy look short and dare I say it stumpy. However, I have seen her in something similar to this and she looks absolutely stunning and so much better than what this picture shows. So it is possible that it could just be the angle of the picture.

Do you agree or completely disagree? What are your thoughts on Jesy's style and outfit choices?

Speak soon,
Niamh xx

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