Black, No Sugar (NM) - Getting My Shit Together... Or Trying To

Be prepared for this rollercoaster ride of a post!

This is my first post that I have written directly into my new shiny blog! I'm pretty excited and can't wait to start to get back blogging and have a schedule. So let's get on with the update.

So if you have been following me for a while  this update won't be as weird as it seems... you will also know my natural hair is dark brown, I then began going blond (which ruined my hair! Never do it!) I then had a wash out red/peach color applied at college which I loved but I got a little bit crazy and went purple and now... now I have gone black. I am complete and utterly In love with it and really can't see why I ever wanted to go blonde. 

I have finally settled on what I want to be when I grow up, its only taken 18 years... I am determined to become a fashion journalist. Since I dropped out of the art college after my first year and just finished a Level 2 course (which I should never have been put on) so I currently have no UCAS points at all. So far I have contacted my old tutor at the art college asking if there is any possibility that I can return to complete my second year, I have an appointment with a careers advisor on Tuesday and I have emailed the leader of the course I am wanting to do at uni to see if there is any chance I can start the course this year. So fingers crossed something comes back with good news.

I have myself a boyfriend... yes me who hates people and doesn't leave the house has got myself a boyfriend. Losing weight is not going the best, I just have zero motivation to even try to lose weight.

Thank you for the continued support, I cant thank you all enough! I hope you are all excited as I am about my shiny new blog!
Speak soon,
Niamh xx
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