Grab A Cuppa (NM) - Period Must Haves (Revisited)

Another period chat!

Girls, we all have them and if not Mother Nature will be coming along soon.

But really what do we actually need when we have blood gushing out of our vajayjay (sorry but its true)

Here is my complete must haves when your uterus is slowly trying to kill itself.

Pads/Tampons - very obvious but right now I'm having one of those 'let's just show up because why the fuck not' periods and let me tell you waking up and having no pads or anything is not a situation you want to be in. My latest favourites are the Body Form pads, I was always an Always girl up until a few months ago when I discovered Body Form. They come in so many different varieties and the night time pads aren't really thick but still do the job. The cute packaging, of course, sways me just a little bit.
Comfy Pants - ditch those cute, lacy pants and dig out the old, faded comfy ones. Why ruin our favourite pair when we can just go back to pants we have probably had too long (but they're my favourite!)
Chocolate - That diet you've been sticking to? Yeah out the window. Sweets, pop, chocolate, ice cream or just anything with a high content of sugar is very much needed! It helps the cramps I swear (maybe)
Tea - being a Brit and all, tea is on the list but not just your bog standard PG Tips I mean Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea! YES! Salted Caramel!!! It's amazing, and this does ease cramps.
Dry Shampoo - This is going to sound like a weird one but when I'm on my period I find that my skin is so much more oily meaning my hair is greasy after a day of being washed. I can usually last 2-3 days a 4th if I'm lucky, so for me having to wash my hair every day isn't ideal so dry shampoo comes to my rescue.

Speak soon,
Niamh xx
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