Grab A Cuppa (NM) - Making Hard Decisions

I'm sorry I've abandoned this blog but I have been so busy with school! My teacher has been coming during the Easter Holidays so I only got the Easter Weekend off! So to make it up to you I thought I would do another "Grab A Cuppa" post seen as though you all seem to like them. Let's get on with it, shall we?

Most choices can be hard depending on who you are. Deciding what you want for lunch could be seen as a tough choice for you. Let's be serious though, choosing your food isn't the hardest decision and it isn't going to affect your life depending on what you choose. Maybe choosing what you want to take for your GCSE's is a hard choice or what you want to do at college. My hardest decision had to be deciding what college I wanted to go to.

I had gone through so many professions I was sure I was going to end up becoming at least one of them. An accountant, I liked maths and it paid really well. An engineer, I now didn't want a sit down behind a desk job. An interior designer, I loved textiles but didn't want to limit myself. I can't tell you how many more professions there is and how many times I went round in circles deciding what was going to be best for me.

At the minute I'm going to an art college to do photography. So no I didn't end up choosing any of the ones I'd fussed over for months, it's not even close to any of the. Although I'm doing photography right now I'm considering going into teaching, not a classroom teacher but a teacher that goes to people's homes. A home tutor. So right now I'm going to carry on doing photography in uni (fingers crossed I enjoy it) and then do a teaching certificate so that I can then teach. But I never know, that can always change.

When making a hard decision I always find that it is best to ask people hat they think, a friend or a family member. Sometimes you can be blinded by how good a job or college course looks on the internet. When you see their opinion it will help you decide what is right and wrong for you. Whatever you do DON'T just do something because you think that it will make someone else happy. If you believe that what they're saying is wrong then just listen but go ahead and do what you think is right. You are asking these people for advice and an opinion, not for them to make that decision for you.

Speak soon,
Niamh xx

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