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Afternoon Tea - The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Christmas-y Night In (AD)

Good morning my loves! I know that its only November but CHRISTMAS!!! It is so close!! I like to be honest with you (my readers and followers) so before I go any further U want to make a disclaimer to say I have been approached by Panasonic to write a post for them around their shiny brand new TV Oled 4K TV Panasonic. Instead of waffling on about how amazing this TV looks I thought I would do the ultimate guide to a perfect Christmas-y night in!

So now the disclaimer is out the way we can get onto the juicy, best bits!

What You Need:
Oled 4K TV PanasonicNetflix, Disney Life and as many Christmas DVD's you can find!Scooby snacks (crisps, chocolate, popcorn)Friends and/or familyFairy lights Blankets and pillows, lots of them!Hot chocolate, or peppermint hot chocolate if you're feel extra festiveMethod: Hang the fairy lights and grab all the blankets, duvets, pillows and cushions you can find. Either spread them out on the floor, create a blanket fort or just create a sea of blanket…

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